About us


Thank you for watching this page, it is important for us to be as close as posible with our visitors. It is why we wrote some lines about us ! We want you to know who we are and what we like to do in Second Life.

::Lets start with Phoenix..

Phoenix Thor Hiii. You know what, there is not much to know about me. My passion in Second Life is to build, I have left the regular primitives to specialize in the sculpty. So I think that the arrival of the mesh is very exciting ^^ I do my best to stay original and to make unique creations ! I like to make things clean and well finished. I hope that you will love my work as much as I had to make it.

::Who is Ahuri..

Texte description Ahuri Ahuri Serenity

More about our common project ::Creative Lab..

Together, we have been roleplaying in some famous sims so we are aware of the different communities existing in Second Life. Even if we have our own style, we try to create stuff for everybody. Indeed, you will see all kind of avatars in ::Creative Lab.. but also magicals, habitats, etc etc. So we are not specialized in one field in particular and people can find something they were not expecting arriving in the store :D

We began SL in 2005 but started to make our own business since 2006 with few stuff. It is only time and our skills that allowed us to grow up and become what we are today : a creative company with many people enjoying our creations. So we have to thank you for your fidelity and we will keep doing our best to be as good as possible ! ;)